Microgaming Software Review

Microgaming was one of the very first online casino software providers and currently they are powering over 100 internet casinos and around 40 poker rooms. They have been operating since 1994 and this got me curious as to whether this company can keep up with the current technology and the rapidly changing market demands.

Responsiveness: Lags Here and There

Although my computer was fairly new and has average specifications, the software still had a hard time running on it with occasional lags and delays especially when running their games which uses intensive graphics. It seems that they haven’t done any optimization or enhancements to resolve these kinds of technical issues.

This setback deserves a Responsiveness score of 13/25.

Game Quality: They Focused on the Quantity

Microgaming currently offers more than 600 games for its download casino and around 300 for its flash casino. At first this may sound overwhelming but after checking them out, I noticed that there was less diversity and most of the games were virtually the same. They seem to have focused more on the quantity rather than the quality.

I had fun playing some of their games but I was expecting something better and for this reason I am giving them a Game Quality score of 15/25.

Graphics & Sound: Needs More Polishing

They could have done better if they had used high quality audio and more engaging graphics. Other than that, sometimes the audio doesn’t fit to the visual effects and due to the sluggishness of the software there was no synchronization.

They need to work on bringing these two elements together so for now I am giving them a Graphics & Sound score of 11/20.

Reputation: Has Seen Better Days

It can’t be denied that Microgaming was one of the pioneering software providers in the online gambling industry but through the years they have been slowly overshadowed by other competitive companies which have something new to offer to the internet gaming market.

Clearly they need to be a lot more competitive so for now I am giving them a Reputation score of 20/30.

Our Bottom Line

Microgaming may have been one of the pioneer software providers in the online gambling sector but they currently lack new and innovating features which are a necessity in this highly demanding market. They need to make a lot of improvements and enhancements with their software in order to keep up with the current industry leaders.

Overall, Microgaming’s numbers were not that impressive as they were only able to get a total score of 59/100.